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The Benefit of Coconut Charcoal Briquette Everyone Have to Know

Many questions about what benefit of coconut charcoal briquette came from people who advised them to switch to. For that reason, here we are trying to list what advantages of using this type of charcoal compared to the other combustible materials. Here they are:


If you ask what the benefit of coconut charcoal briquette is, we proudly say that it is cheap at the very first. Because for sure, the raw material is way more affordable than any other combustible materials out there. For that reason, since the main material is cheap, thus you will also get the briquettes at a cheaper price too.

Smokeless and Produce Natural Scene

As you know, compared to firewood coconut charcoal produces less smoke than firewood or none at all. Moreover, when it is in compact briquette form, you don’t have to worry about the smoky smell that often lingers after using charcoal.

In place, you will get a natural scene instead of a smoky smell. Therefore, people often choose coconut charcoal briquettes when they need to cook something like BBQ. Because it can give a better aroma to the food. But if you ask if it will give any coconut taste, then regrettably we have to say no.

Less Ashes and Biodegradable

Most briquettes produce only a few ashes, this is a fact. But with coconut charcoal briquette, the ashes production will be way lesser than any other. In each usage, coconut charcoal briquettes only produce around 0-5% ashes compared to the usage. When using firewood, the ashes production will be around 6-10% from the usage.

Since all the material of coconut charcoal briquette came from nature, thus even the ashes will be biodegradable. Thus, you do not have to worry about where to throw the leftover ashes. Simply toss them into the pot plant, since it is also a form of plant feeding.

Stable Heat

Another favorable thing to note about using coconut charcoal briquette is that it delivers stable heat for a long duration. Moreover, you do not have to keep supervising the process and the fire will burn just fine. Also, the briquette form can make every part without any exception.

With the combination of coconut charcoal and the briquette form, the heat to deliver will be between 100 to 250 Celsius degrees. Whether you use the briquette for cooking or any heating process it will last longer and will not demand frequent feeding and nudge.


The last benefit of using coconut charcoal briquette is that you make a small contribution to the earth’s sustainability. Yes, we humans are the ones who do the huge damage to our mother earth, but we are also the only ones who can save it.

The little thing that we can do is to produce less carbon, cut down on fossil fuel usage, and try to produce as little waste as possible. Using coconut charcoal briquette will allow us to do those three at once. Because it does not smoke, comes from natural waste, and is 100% biodegradable.

Those are the benefit of coconut charcoal briquette and at the same time reasons why we have to switch to it. All the mentioned above are huge benefits that we should not pass off. 

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