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Steps on How to Burn Coconut Charcoal the Right Way

One of the important steps in getting a good quality coconut charcoal is on how well you burn the charcoal. If you don’t burn them well, then the process of making them into charcoal can be quite long. However, you will destroy them if you burn them too long. Therefore, for those who are planning to make homemade charcoal, it is important to know how to burn coconut charcoal the right way.

how to burn coconut charcoal

1. Use High-Temperature Fire

The first step that you must pay attention to is the temperature of the fire. Before putting in the coconut shells, make sure the fire and pan you are using are already hot. This is important to make sure of because this will determine how good your coconut charcoal will be. If you put the coconuts too fast, then the shells will not burn fast. On the other hand, if you put it after the pot is hot, it will help the process to be faster.

2. Cut the Coconuts into Small Pieces

Before putting in the coconuts, cut the coconuts into small pieces. This will also maximize the burning process and become faster too. Also, make sure you have a big pot or drum to put all the coconut shells in.

3. Drying the Coconuts

Another important point on how to burn coconut charcoal is making sure that all the coconuts are dry. Before burning them, it is best that you dry them in the sun first. This will help reduce or even get rid of any water inside the shells. Do this step for all the coconuts, so that the burning process can become faster and more efficient.

4. Closing the Lid

Next after putting all the coconut shells inside the drum, make sure to close the drum well. Make sure there is only a small hole on top of the lid for the smoke to go out. Other than that, make sure there are no holes because the burning process will not be effective.

It is also important to not put all coconuts at once. Put in some coconut shells one at a time, according to the size of the drum. When the shells inside have become smaller, then you can add more shells inside. The more shells you put in, the longer the burning process will be.

5. Let it for 5 Hours

Let the coconut shells burn for around 5 hours or until all the shells are burned. During this process make sure not to open-close the lid continuously, except if you are planning to put in more material. One of the ways to know that the burning process is finished is by looking at the smoke. If there is no smoke coming out from the drum, then the burning process is finished.

Overall, the steps on how to burn coconut charcoal are easy. However, you must make sure that the fire is hot enough and all the coconut shells are dry. If these two are checked, then you should have no problem making coconut charcoal.