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How to Use Coconut Charcoal Briquettes in the Safest Way

With the awareness of keeping the earth’s sustainability by trying to find alternate energy, coconut charcoal briquettes usage is increasing. Most people switch to this biofuel due to its fully natural material. Not to mention, many claims that these briquettes are the safest to use and do not emit any harmful material.

For that reason, people start to believe and switch to coconut shell charcoal briquettes for many purposes. Especially in cooking, industry, and even for shisha or hookah. Furthermore, its cheap price also becomes a huge factor. But, are these briquettes as safe as people claim? Is there any requirement on how to use them?

Ignite Method to Use

Although many claims that coconut charcoal briquettes are safe to use, you should still be careful in using them. One important thing to note is how you ignite the fire toward the briquettes. Here are the ignite methods that you can opt for:

1. Use Burner

The easiest way is to use your burner to ignite the briquettes. To do that, you have to put several briquettes right on the burner. Also, you have to make sure that the briquettes are touching the fire to ignite them. Once the briquettes are ignited, use tongs to move the ignited briquettes to where you want to use them.

2. Use Paper

Another option that you can try is by igniting the briquettes using paper. To do this method, you should arrange the briquettes where you want. Then, put papers on top or at the side, but touch the briquettes. The last step, fire the papers to ignite the briquettes.

3. Use Torch

If you fail to ignite the briquettes with the two mentioned methods, then use a torch. This torch here is not like the ancient torch that our ancestors used. But the gas torch will flame with only a simple switch. First, you have to arrange where the briquettes you want and ignite them from the torch’s flame.

4. Use Bio-Oil

The first two methods failed, but you do not have any gas torch at the moment. Then, you can try to utilize bio-oil instead. Arrange the briquettes as you want them, then pour the bio-oil on top. Make sure to pour only a little and ignite it with fire. The bio-oil that you can use here such as CPO, coconut oil, or any cooking oil will do.

Where to Use

Even though the coconut briquettes do not produce toxic and harmful material, you still have to be careful. Because any combustion process will always produce carbon dioxide. For that reason, when using the coconut briquettes, make sure to do it in a place with good circulation.

We highly suggest doing any combustion outdoors, where you would not have to fight for oxygen with fire. But if it is not possible, then a well-ventilated room is also good.

Yes, coconut charcoal briquettes are proven as the safest and most environmentally friendly fuel. But to use them, you still have to be careful and keep cautious. Another important thing, make sure to keep the ignited briquettes from kids.