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Is Coconut Charcoal Good for BBQ? Read the Explanation Below!

Many suggest switching to coconut charcoal because it is way better than any other combustible material. Therefore, the question is coconut charcoal good for BBQ comes up more often because many consider that. 

For us, the answer would be yes. But we would not only provide you with the answer. But the explanation to why we proudly say yes to that question. Therefore, read our arguments on why coconut charcoal is good for BBQ below:

1. Smokeless

When the question is coconut charcoal good for BBQ came out, we dared to answer, yes it is. The very first reason why we confidently say that is because it is smokeless than traditional firewood. Because there is no visible carbon coming out when we BBQ. Hence, we can get free from the smoky smell that usually lingers after a BBQ party. 

2. Less Ashes

BBQ is lit, moreover when there is a lot of family and friends. But afterward, the cleaning session can be a chore. Because there will be ashes everywhere. Yet, if you choose to switch to coconut charcoal this would not be a matter. The amount of ash residue will subdue to only 0-5% ash product of the amount of charcoal we use.

3. Stable Heat and Unmanned

Coconut charcoal is capable of a long-burning session with stable heat even without you having to supervise it. Once you set the fire with the coconut charcoal, you can leave assured that it will do a good job. Whether it is only an hour-long or overnight burning, the coconut charcoal will deliver between 100 to 250-celsius degrees.

4. Cheaper than Any the Other Materials

We say coconut charcoal is cheaper because it came from waste. The coconut charcoal raw materials are coconut shells most people only throw them away. Hence, firewood or any other combustible materials will have more price than coconut shells. Thus, the charcoal will also be priced less than the others. 

5. Sustainable

Using coconut charcoal is 100% sustainable. Because it came from natural waste and there are no three to cut. Then, it produces zero carbon that will be a threat to the earth’s atmosphere. Further, fewer ashes mean there’s no risk to breathe them in and affect our respiratory system.

6. BBQ Taste Better

Alright, there is no exact data proof for this claim, but testimonies. Many claimed that using coconut charcoal will give the BBQ a better taste than using firewood.  Some even claim that the coconut charcoal is as good as the good quality restaurant grade.

With this statement here, we are going to try with the logic. This happened due to the smokeless and ashless fact. Hence, there will be no bitter taste because of the stable heat it produces. 

So, now you know where our stand is with the question: is coconut charcoal good for BBQ. We choose to stick with this answer until there is another much better combustible material option with the categories above that we can use. Thus, for now, let’s just switch to coconut charcoal when having a BBQ party!