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What Decide Coconut Charcoal Briquettes Price and Where to Get Them?

Alternate energy source like coconut charcoal briquettes is becoming a thing in recent years. This is due to the emerging condition of our earth and the serious overuse of fossil fuels. Not to mention, the coconut charcoal briquettes price is on the lower side than the other fuels.

Furthermore, the coconut charcoal briquettes are as effective as the other fuels – or rather even more. That way, many get encouraged to use the coconut charcoal briquettes for combustion purposes.

Why People Switching to Coconut Charcoal Briquettes

With a massive amount of fuel needed, the coconut charcoal briquettes price is low enough compared to fossil fuel, for example. Because the product is made from the waste of coconut shells as the main material. Furthermore, there are also other reasons why more and more people decide to use these briquettes instead, such as:

  • In every combustion process, the coconut charcoal briquettes only produce a small number of ashes, which is less than 5%.
  • The ashes are biodegradable and make good compost for plants.
  • The combustion process of coconut charcoal briquettes is smoke-free.
  • Pinching on the earth’s sustainability, even in a small action. Because there are no trees to cut to produce the coconut charcoal briquettes.
  • Make good alternative energy.
  • Deliver stable heat in a long while. The briquettes will burn for more or less two hours and deliver more than 7200 Kcal/Kg.
  • Eco-friendly product and there is no toxic and dangerous material.

Deciding Factors of Coconut Charcoal Briquettes Price

Although coconut charcoal briquettes are easy to produce and anyone is capable of making them, the process is quite tiresome. Because you have easy access to the coconut shell, for once. Then, aside from that, if you need the briquettes for a big party, it’s a nuisance to make all of them.

For that reason, people often choose to get them ready to use products. Furthermore, many people claim that the product is arguably a low-budget spending type. Yet, we have the responsibility to inform you, what decides this cheap price. Here they are:

  • Where the coconut charcoal briquettes are produced. Because if you get the briquettes from a tropical country, then it will have a low production budget since the coconut shells are abundant.
  • Where you live compared to where the coconut charcoal briquettes production place. A wider distance means more money to pay for the delivery fee.
  • The shape of the briquettes you request, if possible. The common form will be more affordable because the manufacturer does not need to create a new custom mold for the briquettes shape you ask for.
  • How much you order the coconut charcoal briquettes. Because the higher the number of coconut charcoal briquettes you order means more money to pay. Yet if you count it in a smaller package, ordering with a big party is cheaper.

Those are the deciding coconut charcoal briquettes price and why people buy them. If you need a big party of coconut charcoal briquettes, do not hesitate to give us a call. We are at charcoallord.com and will meet your needs with coconut charcoal briquettes.