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What is Coconut Charcoal Good For & Are They Safe to Use?

These days, natural ingredients such as coconut charcoal have become a favorite to many people. Not only are they safe to use but they have many benefits for people’s health and life. So, what is coconut charcoal good for and how can people use it to be useful? Let’s learn more about it.

Humans have been using activated charcoal for many years. Most people use have been using them for health products as they can help control cholesterol to natural detoxification. However, other than health benefits, charcoal are normally for skincare to deodorant. So, if you are wondering what is coconut charcoal good for, here are some answers:

1. Natural Detoxification

Coconut charcoal has been famous for having many health benefits. Therefore, this ingredient can be found in many products including detox products. Researchers have claimed that coconut charcoal can absorb toxins and eliminate them quickly. However, please note not to use natural coconut charcoal that you can make at home because you’ll need more processes to make it a detox product.

2. Water Filtration

Like its function in the human body, activated charcoal can be used for water filtration. With its component, the compound can absorb and eliminate toxins, bacteria, fungus, or other kinds of materials found in water.

Normally, coconut charcoal is used in one part of the filtration process. Through this process, water will be filtered to make it purify and clean. A study even showed that carbon can reduce up to 100% of fluoride in 32 water samples! Luckily, nowadays, charcoal is also available in filtration products for home use. So, if you

3. Teeth Whitening

Dozens of teeth-whitening products contain this coconut charcoal as one of their base material. With this material, products claim that they can help make people’s teeth to be brighter and protect them from bacterial to fungal too. Some people believe that rubbing them on your teeth can help them become brighter too. If you plan to do this, make sure to make activated charcoal with the right ratio.

4. Skin Care

These days, researchers also found out that some skincare also has coconut charcoal inside their products. Normally they are available in cleaning products that can help remove dirt, dust, or other chemicals on the surface of the skin.

Other than on-skin products, charcoal can also be a face mask. To make a natural mask, all you need to do is mix the charcoal with other essential oils such as lemon oil or lavender. Then, add bentonite clay to make the texture a bit stiff. When all the materials are ready, you can start rubbing them on your face.

5. Deodorant

Many people have been using activated charcoal to remove bad smells and harmful gases. You can either buy products that contain this material or make one at home. If you happen to have activated charcoal at home, then put the charcoal inside a plastic. Last, but the plastic around the area that smells, such as the closet, shoes, or refrigerator.

So, what is coconut charcoal good for and are they safe to use? Well, they are good for many uses from health uses to daily uses. The best part is they are safe to use, and people can make them at home too!