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Why Are Indonesia's Coconut Charcoal Briquettes Popular?

Indonesia is one of the best coconut charcoal briquettes – producing countries in the world. This is because Indonesian coconut charcoal has the best quality in the world than that produced by other countries. Some countries are even willing to go far to export coconut charcoal from Indonesia.

In 2020, Indonesia is estimated to produce 2.81 million tons of coconut, which has been exported to many countries. So, what makes Indonesian coconut charcoal briquettes so popular in the international market? If you want to know the reason, here is the review:

1. High Quality of Coconut Shell

Almost all areas in Indonesia grow a lot of coconut trees. Although they come from the same species, the nature of the coconut shell varies from island to island. This depends on the nature of the soil in which the coconut tree grows and the time of harvest. The best coconut shells come from Sulawesi and some areas in Sumatra because they produce white ash with low ash content.

Moreover, coconut charcoal is made from 100% natural coconut shell, without the addition of wood mixtures or artificial chemicals. To get the best quality coconut charcoal, it is important to prequalify the quality of the coconut shell used. This is because the quality of the coconut shell will have a major impact on the ash color, ash content, crack ability, and burning time.

So, coconut charcoal producers in Indonesia understand how the quality prequalification process for coconut shells is and know which is the best coconut shell to make coconut charcoal. That’s why coconut charcoal from Indonesia is of high quality.

2. Proper Burning Method

After the selected coconut shells are collected, then carbonized to produce coconut charcoal. The best way to burn coconut shells is to burn them using steel drums with low oxygen rather than burning them openly in a pit. This can make it easier to ascertain whether the coconut charcoal produced contains a high carbon percentage above 80%.

3. Perfect Cooling Method

The best way to end carbonation is to let the flame go out on its own without intervention. This allows the coconut charcoal to be fully carbonized resulting in low moisture content and high calorific value. This method is also popular as the dry method.

4. Proper Storage Process

Coconut charcoal can decrease its quality due to the wrong storage process. Therefore, a good way to store coconut charcoal is in an under shelter to protect it from high temperatures and rain.

Moreover, Indonesian coconut charcoal briquettes have their manufacturer standards. The standards used are high carbon percentage (up to 85%), low humidity (below 12%), and low ash content (3-7%). So, no wonder Indonesia can produce the world’s best coconut charcoal that dominates the market.

5. Competitive Price

Despite the high quality, the price of Indonesian coconut charcoal is very competitive. The price of Indonesian coconut charcoal ranges from USD 1,000 to USD 1,500 per tonne. However, the price depends on the specifications of the coconut charcoal you want to buy.

Now you know why Indonesian coconut charcoal briquettes are in great demand in the international market. This is because Indonesia has high standards of high carbon percentage, low ash content, and low humidity. Then, Indonesian coconut charcoal producers also use proper combustion, cooling, and storage methods to produce high-quality coconut charcoal.