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Why Coconut Charcoal Briquettes Are Important For Your Shisha

Shisha is one of the “smoking” methods that originated in the Middle East. To be able to enjoy shisha, you have to use burning charcoal to create smoke. One of the best charcoals for shisha is coconut charcoal briquettes.

There are many advantages of coconut charcoal making it suitable for shisha. Starting from ashless, smokeless, and tasteless so you can enjoy shisha comfortably. Also, thus charcoal is more effective fuel source. If you want to know other reasons why coconut charcoal briquettes are important for shisha, below is the review:

Ashless and Smokeless

Coconut charcoal is smokeless so there are no carbon deposits at all. When there is no smoke, it usually does not carry odors either. By using coconut charcoal, when you smoke shisha, you don’t have the smell of smoke sticking to your clothes. So, if you compare it to other traditional charcoals, coconut charcoal is perfect for shisha.

Long Burning Time

Usually, coconut charcoal that is good for shisha lasts more than 1 hour of shisha session. Then, coconut charcoal with a size of 25x25x15mm will usually last 60 minutes. Meanwhile, coconut charcoal with a size of 25x25x25mm can last up to 90 minutes of a shisha session.

Moreover, coconut charcoal can produce higher heat and last longer. This is because coconut charcoal is made from organic ingredients. If you compare it with other traditional wood charcoal, this charcoal has a persistent heat making it suitable for shisha. So, you can also save on the use of coconut charcoal, this charcoal has a long burning time.


When you are enjoying shisha, you want the original taste of the shisha. One of the things that affect the taste of shisha is the combustible material. If you use traditional combustible materials, they will leave a weird taste on your shisha.

The weird taste can interfere with your shisha experience. As a solution, you can use coconut charcoal briquettes because this charcoal will not affect the taste of your shisha.

No Chemical

Coconut charcoal is made from coconut shells so it is organic. Almost all manufacturers process coconut charcoal without any chemicals or non-toxic substances at all. This is different if you use traditional charcoal, which often involves chemicals in the manufacturing process.

Therefore, coconut charcoal is perfect if you use it for shisha. Moreover, this charcoal is also healthier than other traditional charcoals.

Higher Density That Other Combustibles

Coconut charcoal has a heavier and higher density. Then, the shape of the block is compact, making it more solid. This characteristic is what makes coconut charcoal contains less moisture when you compare it to firewood or other traditional charcoals.

Moreover, coconut charcoal has lower humidity when compared to wood charcoal. The dense concentration of coconut charcoal makes it burn slower, lost lasting, and hotter. So, coconut charcoal becomes more efficient and economical for your shisha.

Those are 5 reasons why coconut charcoal briquettes are so important for shisha. Free of smoke, ash, and other toxic ingredients, coconut charcoal is much better for shisha than other combustible materials. Thus, by using coconut charcoal, you can enjoy your shisha to the fullest.