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Why Coconut Charcoal Briquettes Are More Effective

As we are continuing to pursue renewable energy, coconut charcoal briquettes seem to be the answer. The rise in oil and gas prices makes us look for other options for energy. Turns out that briquettes from coconut charcoal are more effective in some ways. Here are the reasons why:

1. Environmentally Friendly

Coconut charcoal offers circularity and sustainability because, first, it’s made of wastage. Second, the emission from coconut charcoal briquettes spews less carbon dioxide when burned. Moreover, this briquette requires no trees in the production process. It’s a breakthrough in order to save our planet from greenhouse gas emissions.

2. Burn Longer and Hotter

Compared to traditional charcoal, these briquettes burn 2,5 hours longer. It produced slow and steady heat which is important when we must have a barbeque or when we want to grill something at home. Also, you need less amount of coconut charcoal compared to traditional charcoal for the same amount of meat. Therefore, it is cost-effective.

3. Healthier

Expert says that grilled cooking especially burned with charcoal is bad for health since its triggered cancer. But cooking with briquettes from coconut charcoal is much healthier because it’s made of natural material. It’s also ashless and smokeless. The ashes will not stick to the meat and the smoke will not pollute your neighborhood.

4. Cheaper

Since it’s made of wastage, producers pay less for the material. Therefore, it reduces the production cost and performs cheaper selling prices. It’s suitable for household and industrial needs because it can save you a lot of money. For household, you don’t need to replace these briquettes too often because it burns slowly. Same thing for industrial purposes.

5. Side Benefits

Not only for cooking or energy purposes but also for other purposes such as farming. You can use this briquette as animal feed such as cow or goat. Turns out that it helps the farm animals gain more weight as well as more milk. It also reduces infection by the disease.  It is simply because coconut charcoal is a good toxic absorbent. Greater milk and meat production leads to greater income.

6. Accessible

Coconut charcoal block is way more effective because it’s easy to access. It is made of biomass that you can find anywhere easily. If you have time and want to try, make it yourself, feel free to DIY it. But, don’t worry if you are too busy to do it and don’t have supported tools, simply go offline or online to buy this stuff.

7.  Sustainable Energy

These charcoal briquettes are made of organic and renewable materials, coconut shells. Production of this charcoal applies the circular economy principle. Which is the best solution for sustainable living. Producers make this product out of waste and turn them into cheap alternative energy. The coconut tree itself is a plant with tons of benefits and can grow everywhere.

We are aware now that coconut charcoal briquettes are more effective than traditional charcoal. So, let’s start using it. It is a sustainable source of energy, a cheaper, and eco-friendly material. The after burns effect will not damage the entire environment and it’s renewable.