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Why Coconut Charcoal Briquettes is Great to Use for Barbeque?

Everyone loves barbeque! This activity is a favorite to many people, especially on special moments such as birthday parties to new years celebrations. However, one of the effects of having a barbeque party at home is the smoke, smell, and ash from the charcoal. Well, if you want to enjoy your barbeque party without having to worry about this problem, then try using a coconut charcoal briquettes.

Coconut charcoal is a pressed block made from shredded coconut shells. Overall, it has the same function as normal charcoals. However, these days, people prefer to use coconut charcoal as a substance to traditional charcoal, especially for barbequing. Well, what is the reason for this action? Let’s learn more about this charcoal!

1. Made from Natural Materials

While other charcoals contain biomass materials, coconut charcoal briquettes only contains natural materials which make it safe to use for food needs. This charcoal is made from 100% coconut shell and has no toxic chemicals inside it. So, when you grill your food, you don’t need to worry about some ash coming on your food because it will still be safe to eat.

2. Produce Higher Heat

One of the main issues when grilling is that it can take some time, especially if you’re grilling meat. If you use normal charcoal it can take around 20-30 minutes. However, if you use coconut charcoal, you can get your meat faster because it produces higher heat that will help your food cook faster. This is possible because coconut charcoal is made from natural materials which make it more moisturized.

3. Long Last

Another great thing about coconut charcoal is that it lasts longer than other kinds of charcoal. Surely this is a great thing because you can save up some money and time. You don’t need to change the charcoal often and can enjoy the party with your friends. Some people say that coconut charcoal can last two times longer than a normal one. Isn’t that just great?

4. Less Smoke & Ash

One of the main problems people face when having a barbeque party is the smoke and ash that usually fills up the backyard. Getting rid of this problem normally takes some time. However, if you use coconut charcoal, this won’t be a big problem because it produces less smoke, ash, and smell. Therefore, grilling with this kind of charcoal will not make your backyard full of smoke!

5. Less Smelly

Other than having less smoke, coconut charcoal is also less smelly than normal charcoal. It does still smell; however, it is not as bad as normal conditions. The smell is also easy to get rid of. Therefore, you won’t need to worry about the smell of your body or house after a barbeque party.

Overall, using coconut charcoal briquettes is way better than using traditional ones. Not only are they cheaper but they last longer and can help you grill your meat faster. They also produce less smoke and ash; therefore, your place won’t be too smelly even after a barbeque party. So, for those who haven’t tried them yet, try changing to the coconut version.