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Why People Prefer to Use Coconut Charcoal Briquettes Compared to Others

Coconut charcoal briquettes is a compacted block that is made from coconut shells. During these past few years, coconut charcoal have become popular and used for many activities. This can be seen by the demand for coconut charcoal that have been increasing until today. However, what is so great about this briquette?

1. Eco Friendly & Minimal Ash

One of the main problems with making charcoal is that it normally spells and causes a lot of chaos. However, this doesn’t apply to coconut charcoal because the result is clean which makes it eco-friendly. The ash content inside coconut charcoal is below 5%, therefore it does not produce any carbon disposal.

Without any carbon disposal, you don’t need to worry about the annoying smell, pollution, or getting your place dirty with ash. In other words, coconut shell is one of the eco-friendly materials you can use to make a briquette.

2. Last Longer

Another reason why many people prefer to use coconut charcoal compared to traditional charcoal is that it last longer and has higher heat. A coconut charcoal can cook two times longer than a normal briquette, for any kinds of use.

Coconut charcoal also produces more thermal and has consistent heat. Therefore, it produces higher heat which can be helpful when you cook or need to heat something.

3. Sustainable

A great thing about coconut charcoal is that is from a natural material, coconut shells. This material is categorized as a sustainable energy source; therefore, people will not have to worry about the continuity of the source or the production. You can say, that this charcoal will long last.

4. Safe to Use

As it is from a natural material, coconut charcoal briquettes is safe to use for many needs. One of the uses of coconut charcoal is for barbequing and shisha. Unlike other charcoal, coconut charcoal will not ruin the taste of the food and leave any unwanted smell, therefore the taste stays good. This is one of the reasons why many people prefer to use coconut charcoal for these two activities.

5. More Affordable

One of the top reasons why people prefer this coconut charcoal is because it is more affordable as it lasts longer and produces more thermal. It is also easy to get, especially in tropical countries such as Indonesia. Therefore, coconut charcoal is more cost-efficient and can help you save a lot, especially for those whose businesses use this material.

6. Can be Used for Many Things

Even though many people use coconut charcoal for barbeque and shisha, however, you can use this material for many other things. One of the uses of charcoal is for detoxification aid. Many people in the world have been using this component to get rid of unwanted substances.

So, with many benefits, no wonder people prefer to use coconut charcoal briquettes compared to traditional briquette. Not only is it more affordable but it also lasts longer which makes it more cost-efficient. The best part is, that you can use it for many things such as barbeque, shisha to detoxification acid.