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Why Are Natural Hookah Coals Healthier for You?

The world of hookah is changing rapidly these days. We live in a day and age where people are becoming much more conscious of what they do and how they do it. One obvious change in the hookah world is the introduction of natural hookah coals.

Natural hookah coals are becoming more popular than ever, yet many users are unsure how to use them.

Natural Hookah Coals Healthier

What are natural hookah coals?

The most common type of natural hookah coal is charcoal, though coals made from other materials can be used as well. They all burn in much the same way. But the main difference between natural hookah coals and regular charcoal is that they are less processed.

Natural hookah coals are much more environmentally friendly than regular charcoal. They do not use chemical additives that can affect the air quality in the hookah lounge. Plus, you don’t have to worry about the mess of burnt charcoal on your hands or clothes.

How do they differ from regular coals?

Most smokers are familiar with the regular coals that are used in a hookah. These coals are usually made from coconut shells. There are a few things that make these coals different from other coals.

Natural hookah coals are usually made by first drying the coconut shells and then baking them in the oven at a high temperature. This creates charcoal that is completely safe to use. The burning process is much more intense than with regular coal. They are also much easier to light. Some smokers prefer natural hookah coals because they impart a richer flavor.

Natural hookah coals have several advantages.

One of the most essential benefits they provide is cleaner air. They’re better for the environment because they don’t emit hazardous chemicals. Additionally, they have no impact on air pollution. So, if you are looking for a safer alternative, natural hookah coals are what you should use.

How long do natural hookah coals last?

Natural hookah coals burn longer, more evenly, and more efficiently than charcoal from other sources, making them ideal for smoking. This is a huge advantage because it means less downtime and more time to enjoy your hookah. Typically, this type of coconut charcoal lasts between one and a half and two hours. Some exceed three hours. Additionally, hookahs are a popular way for people to mingle and pass the time with their community or friends.

We hope you enjoyed our blog about healthy natural hookah coals. We’d be delighted to hear from you! If you’re interested in buying coconut charcoal briquettes, please contact us for a quotation.