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Why Use Coconut Charcoal? Here’s Top 5 Reasons

Coconut charcoal is made from coconut shells and processed into compact blocks. The use of coconut charcoal is very wide, ranging from cooking, shisha, or hookah, to fuel for the metallurgical industry. Then, why use coconut charcoal if the use of traditional charcoal is good enough?

Now charcoal is not only seen from its usefulness but also in terms of health, effectiveness, and environmental friendliness. Therefore, many people develop coconut charcoal because they think it is much better than traditional charcoal. If you want to know why use coconut charcoal, here is the review:

Eco-Friendly and Sustainable

The reason why you are better off using coconut charcoal is that it is more eco-friendly and sustainable. It is because this charcoal is made from coconut shells, which are organic and renewable. Manufacturers use coconut shells to make charcoal so that they do not become waste.

Then, making this charcoal does not require additional chemicals so that it becomes a sustainable energy source. The use of coconut charcoal is also less smoke and less ash so it is environmentally friendly

More Efficient

If you compare it to traditional wood charcoal, the use of coconut charcoal is more efficient. The shape of the block is compact, making it denser and full of fuel sources. Its compact characteristics and contains less moisture than firewood, make this charcoal more efficient.

Long Lasting and Higher Heat

How to make coconut charcoal is from organic ingredients so that it can produce long-lasting and higher heat. With its persistent heat, it is suitable for cooking and grilling. If you compare it to traditional charcoal, coconut charcoal is more efficient and affordable for all its uses.

Smoke Less and Ashless

One reason why use coconut charcoal is minimal ash, smoke, and carbon-free. With less ash and smoke, it’s easier for you to clean and your cooking area is cleaner. When you cook, you can avoid the smell of smoke in the cooking area or your clothes. So, the use of coconut charcoal can be the best alternative if you compare it to traditional charcoal.

Cheaper Than Other Combustible Materials

Coconut charcoal uses combustible biomass as raw material, which you can easily find almost everywhere. Biomass material is leftover from animal and plant wastes. While traditional charcoal usually uses wood that is intentionally cut from the forest or the way to process it is to use chemicals. Therefore, it is no wonder that the price of coconut charcoal is cheaper than other combustible materials.


As you know, manufactures produces coconut charcoal from biomass material that is available anywhere and easy for you to find. You can easily make coconut charcoal from home, although it requires a long process and some special equipment.

For example, you need materials such as combustible biomass, binder material, pressure equipment, and molding machines. However, you can also easily find coconut charcoal for sale freely in online and offline stores, so you will have no trouble finding it.

Now you know the reasons why use coconut charcoal than other traditional combustible materials. Coconut charcoal has many advantages, such as being more environmentally friendly, more efficient, sustainable, and easy to find in offline stores and e-commerce. For cooking, coconut charcoal is healthier because it has less ash, less smoke, and less smell.